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by Regulos14, 1336 days ago

Due to WoW Stead being closed down (or merging with Guild Launch) we're forced to return to our old website.

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The CANUCKS is a Casual Multinational Raiding Guild that gives the utmost effort to maintaining a relaxed approach to raiding. The real reason we all play is to have fun, and we try our very best to never forget that. However, in light of the fact that our primary focus is on the Guild and the progression of our raiding and end game progression, we have set high standards for our raiders and expect nothing less than excellence from all. We do welcome family and friends into the guild and encourage them to participate in our raiding efforts, but we hold all CANUCKS to the same standards and level of excellence within our raids and within every other aspect of the game.Above all else we are here to have fun.
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